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40Seven Services

Company Profile

40SEVEN provide specialist surveying services ranging from Topographical and Measured Building through to Underground Utility and Gas Hazard Surveying Services. 40SEVEN offer project management support for large projects through complementary services such as GIS and live web hosting packages.

Employing staff across the UK, operating from offices in London, Worcester and Leeds, 40SEVEN is renowned for it's core skills:

  • Expertise - highly trained & motivated staff
  • Quality & Experience - we understand your accuracy requirements
  • Delivery - meeting your brief, on-time and in full
  • In -House Project Management - from concept to completion
  • Technology - we operate the latest, cutting edge technology from manufacturers around the globe

40SEVEN`s surveying activities can be provided as a stand-alone services or integrated with any of our other services to provide single solution delivery to reduces project cost through focused project management, unrivalled technical expertise and fast, efficient delivery.

Quality assurance is essential and typically surveying services are only a small part of the wider costs involved; accuracy and reliability are crucial in all development projects if planning mistakes are to be avoided.

For consultation or a quote on 40SEVEN`s services, call us now on 08450 179 300
Alternatively, email 40seven@idexcorp.com


08450 179 300