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As available green-field sites become scarce, house builders and developers are facing increased pressure to build new property on brown field sites. On which, in addition to the inherent remediation issues of each site, significant problems exist with buried services. Utility records of brown field sites are usually very poor if they exist at all, which means the effective location and identification of existing buried services is essential before any development begins.

Brown field sites have often involved demolition of the majority of site features, making the positioning of utility assets very difficult. At 40SEVEN we coordinate the position of utilities using modern topographical techniques which can then be presented on an accurate site plan. This also allows for easy relocation on site of the services at a later date .

40SEVEN work on behalf of house builders during all phases of the design, planning and construction stages of development. Once a suitable development site has been identified, the first step is to carry out an accurate topographical survey to assess the outright potential. From this the plot layouts can be determined, which enables the QS to ‘cost’ the development. An accurate survey also helps to identify potential issues with neighbouring property owners and to ensure all planning regulations are adhered to. 

Following the 2006/7 amendments to the CDM regulations, house builders are now, more than ever before, taking the initiative with site service location and mapping at the design stage of a sites development.

The key benefits of this are:

  • Minimising risk of utility strikes
  • Reduction of expensive delays on site
  • Designing best layout and use of land around enforced easements over public utilities
  • True verification of position and depth of services to enable correct costing for required diversions

40SEVEN have successfully delivered on a wide variety of sites and clients, covering most of the UK’s major house builders, although we also service independents and housing trusts. In addition to our Underground Utility Location and mapping we are able to support your project with the following services either simultaneously or at different stages of your project to suit your timetable.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Topographical surveys (including Boundary and Rights of Light surveys)
  • Setting Out
  • CCTV Drainage Condition Surveys

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