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Local Authorities

Local Authorities carry a large portfolio of land and property assets which require careful management. 40Seven provides the expertise to record all the necessary geographical information required to efficiently manage these assets.

Every time a hole is dug it has a significant impact on the local environment and traffic. Utility companies have a statutory right to excavate in the public highway to lay new, or maintain their existing infrastructure. 40Seven can help minimise the effects of excavations and highways work by producing accurate utility plans which assist undertakers to plan their works in the most efficient manner. 

Accurate building plans are required for fire regulations and emergency exit design purposes. They are also used in facilities management and for calculating heating and insulation efficiency figures for which Local Authorities are coming under increasing pressure to control effectively.

Topographical surveys provide accurate plans of the land you control. These enable you to utilise the space in the most efficient way. Plans can be used for design and management purposes and once base plans have been produced, can be regularly updated, with the potential for reduced costs.

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