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40Seven Services

Asset Surveying

GIS Asset and Data capture • Asset Condition surveys • Utility MRPS and leakage detection (Gas)

40SEVEN deliver asset data collection services that rely heavily on manpower as well as technology. Asset location and condition reporting can include all forms of infrastructure, street furniture, utility meters, manhole covers etc – any asset whose location needs to be geographically-referenced and recorded digitally.

Captured data can be used in a range of end-use applications including GIS, database generation, 3D modeling software or a range of digital mapping packages.

We have the manpower, technology and systems experience to deliver large-scale data capture programmes to specification, on budget and on schedule.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Real-Asset services, please contact us on t: 08450 179 300 alternatively email 40seven@idexcorp.com


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08450 179 300