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Desktop Surveys

The right starting point for understanding what services may be affected by your project is to conduct a Desktop Survey to give you all the Statutory Undertakers records of the plant that they own and operate within a given area.

To date in the UK the Utility companies record their plant to varying accuracies and only present the data on an Ordnance Survey background that has accuracy levels of +/- 1m for Urban environments and up to +/- 2.5m in Rural areas. This also assumes that they have recorded is true and records are kept up to date! It is true that some areas and some records are better than others but either way it will give you an indicative guide in most cases of what buried services you could expect in your area of interest.

40SEVEN offer a bureau service to obtain these records for you and we are able to present them in a composite AutoCAD plan should you choose along with supplementary information. This cost effective search is recommended for every project that may involve excavation at some stage.

We would recommend that this data is verified on site at some stage and to adjust the drawing to show 'actual' and 'recorded' positions by conducting a full utility survey, as we often come across un-chartered services as well as significant differences in position.


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