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Client requirements

In March 2016 40Seven were awarded the contract to provide a Topographical, Utility mapping and Measured Building survey of Buckingham Park and St Mary’s School in West Sussex.


40Seven Solution

The survey area covered the campus of both adjoining schools and was related to Ordnance Survey grid. The specification was to RICS ‘Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities’ 3rd edition and included the surveying of all buildings, boundaries, street furniture, change of surfaces and trees. The primary control network was installed and observed using Trimble GPS receivers. Primary network stations were connected to the Ordnance Survey active network and secondary network stations were then connected to the primary control stations using independently measured baselines. Finally, all control stations were levelled using a digital level and staff.

The Topographical survey detail was captured using total stations on a 10m level grid, marking the street furniture and detail surveyed using chalk so that during their walkover of the site at the end of the survey they could confirm all detail had been captured.

The Underground Utility mapping survey also covered the entire site and was to provide the client with information on all existing underground services to facilitate the redevelopment design and prevent utility strikes during future construction works. The utility survey was carried out to TSA level 6 specification and we surveyed the entire site with electromagnetic techniques and ground penetrating radar. The underground mapping survey was undertaken at the same time as the topographical survey and the utility surveyors marked up their service findings with colour coded temporary paint. The land surveyors carrying out the topographical survey then captured all of the paint marks topographically.

The ground penetrating radar survey covered the entire site with scans recorded at 1m spacing’s over the playing fields and 0.5m spacing over the remainder of the site. The radar survey information was used to locate services in real time during the survey and was also post processed in the office to check for additional features that may not have been found on site during the survey.

The measured building surveys and elevational drawings were of the areas where new extensions to the existing building were being carried out. The floor plans were surveyed using Total Stations and MBS software and the elevations were surveyed using total station from our existing control network.


The results

Once all site works had been completed the survey team returned to the office to process the data and produce the survey drawings. The topographical survey and elevations were processed in SCC and the floor plans were drawn with MBS software. Once the processing of the data was complete the information was exported to AutoCAD. The utility survey information was checked by the utility surveyor and the radar data was post processed using Object mapper software. Once the drawings had been completed the senior land and utility surveyor returned to site to check the drawings.

All data was issued within time and budget which was of utmost importance to the client.

Max Dibsdall
Operations Manager (South)
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