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Client requirements

40SEVEN are sole contractors to Cadent Gas for their Mains Risk Prioritisation System (MRPS), where we are required to carry out risk assessment surveys on low, medium and intermediate pressure gas mains.

We have been working with Cadent Gas (previously National Grid) since 1997 as part of their ongoing maintenance programme for underground cast iron, ductile iron and steel pipes, with the current contract commencing in April 2015.


40Seven Solution

The MRPS project is high profile and extends nationwide, covering the gas network within the North West, West Midlands, East Anglia, East Midlands and North London.  As the sole contractor to Cadent Gas for MRPS, 40SEVEN plays an important role in undertaking gas hazard and risk surveys of the company’s gas pipeline assets. This enables the client to allocate accurate risk values to the cast iron, ductile iron and steel pipes within their network.  Based upon these risk values Cadent Gas are able to prioritise their gas asset replacement programme.

The requirement for this work came about when the Health & Safety Executive published an Enforcement Policy in 2001 outlining a 30-year long programme that will see the removal of all underground iron assets that sit within 30 metres of a residential or industrial property.  The MRPS surveys play a major role in this replacement programme. 40SEVEN’s surveying teams apply expertise to ascertain essential criteria when conducting gas hazard and risk surveys to ensure that the client can make better-informed decisions regarding their refurbishment plans. This includes ground conditions, the proximity of properties, cellared and vulnerable properties (such as schools and nursing homes). The surveys undertaken by 40SEVEN enable the client to understand the true condition of their infrastructure, which ultimately assists in the reduction of accidents and incidents on the gas network.


The results

The hazard survey work has to meet very high and specific quality standards, which 40SEVEN have consistently met by developing our own bespoke survey applications for tablet computers, coupled with robust in-house quality control procedures and monitoring mechanisms. This solution enables us to carry out surveys both safely and efficiently, whilst just as importantly driving our carbon reduced footprint through minimal environmental impact as a paper-free company.

Jon Steers
Operations Manager - Gas
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40seven are well known and respected in Cadent Gas to deliver projects and services at high standards every time, this company is dedicated in providing a friendly, open and honest relationship with its customers.
- Cadent Gas, commenting on 40SEVEN Surveys

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