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What we doWith surveying professionals utilising an ever growing diversity of specialist equipment and surveying techniques, we have found an increase in requests for guidance and information on their application.

At 40SEVEN we offer a range of sessions to suit your needs and your business.

  • Available for all 40SEVEN Clients
  • Held at a time and place to suit your business
  • Group Size up to 20 people for office based sessions
  • Group Size up to 6 people for site based sessions
  • Duration can vary, dependent on your needs, but is typically 1 hour for a Lunch & Learn CPD Session
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How we do it

PAS128:2014 is the new standard to which all Underground Utility Surveys should be specified and carried out. It aims to provide:

  • standardisation in the methodologies that are utilised for the detection of utilities;
  • quality of data capture and recording of that data;
  • classification of the results by means of a quality grading system;
  • a consistent and repeatable deliverable;
  • accountability for the work undertaken;

However for those not carrying out the surveys or unaware of the PAS, then the specification can be confusing. In order to help our clients better understand the PAS, how to apply it and what they should expect from the results, we offer free PAS:128 awareness sessions which can be tailored to suit your organisation and specific requirements. Duration is dependent on the specific purpose and we will design the session to suit each clients needs. The most popular format is a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session that lasts approximately 1 hour including presentation and question & answer session. This fits in perfectly as a lunchtime based CPD session and provides the vital information to raise awareness of PAS128 and its key aims.

Ever wondered how those fantastic 3D models of buildings are created for TV programs? And how they could benefit your design and planning process?

40SEVEN have been carrying our 3D Laser Scanning surveys for many years using the latest Laser Scanners to capture high quality Point Cloud data. But that is only the start. What we do with the collected data is where the magic really happens and it is key to understand exactly what output our clients require, so we can tailor the final model to suit.. Laser Scanning captures huge amounts of data that can be used for a wide variety of applications and it can be processed and presented in a wide variety of ways.

Our CPD session aims to take you through the process of carrying out a 3D Laser Scan survey, showing you how the equipment works, then demonstrating the outputs that can be generated from the captured data so that you can define precisely your requirements.

Gaining the knowledge and skills to carry out a Full PAS-128 Utility survey to the highest standards takes years of training, mentoring and experience, which is why our clients trust 40SEVEN to carry out their surveys for them. However, even if you never intend on carrying out a Utility Survey yourself, it is still important to have an understanding of the equipment used, how it should be used and what it’s capabilities are.

This session was developed following numerous calls from clients telling us that their contractors had hit services on their sites, even though they had used a CAT & Genny to scan for services. During these discussions, it became clear that whilst site managers knew the process of safe digging and what equipment was being used, they couldn’t visually determine whether the equipment was being used correctly.

The aim of this site based practical session is therefore to provide our clients with the knowledge required to observe contractors using the equipment, discuss the techniques used and identify if they are competent in the use of the equipment. It typically lasts for 2-3 hours and includes practical demonstrations of both CAT & Genny and GPR (Ground Probing Radar) equipment. The session is led by one of our Senior Utility Surveyors and can be delivered to a maximum of 4 or 5 people.


Why choose 40SEVEN?What sets 40SEVEN apart?

We’re here to partner with and support your business:

  • We tailor each session to suit your requirements;
  • We fit around your busy work schedule;
  • We come to you;
  • It’s available for all our clients.

Whats not to like? If you’d like to learn more about our CPD sessions then please get in touch with me at MUtley@40seven.com

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