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40Seven Services

Full Mapping Survey

40SEVEN's most comprehensive service involves the 3-D mapping of all utilities on a site, including the identification, location and depth measurements of existing services.

Depending on the specific requirements and complexity of each project positional mapping of the traced utilities and associated surface features will be directly measured using a combination of real time GPS observation (RTK) and Total Station observations, all based on a comprehensive network of survey control stations.

Surveys can be presented to the client as a detailed colour-coded, scale hard copy drawing or as a CAD file for electronic review with digital photographs to aid understanding. These are definitive records of the underground apparatus (subject to our terms and conditions). They enable contractors to work with far greater confidence than if they used statutory records, which are often outdated, incomplete and inaccurate.

Furthermore, our plans can be easily updated to incorporate new installations and changes to existing utilities. This allows clients to maintain up-to-date site plans at low cost. 


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