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What we doAt 40Seven, we use leading camera and software technology to deliver effective drainage system inspections and surveys.

A CCTV drain survey alerts you to any potential problems, such as structural issues such as fractures or collapse, root ingress or blockages.


  • Condition inspections of sewers
  • Culvert inspections
  • Site drainage connectivity
  • Manhole, CSO and pumping station survey

40Seven advantage

  • Site time combined with Utility and Topo surveys to deliver cost efficiencies
  • Data captured and integrated in to the final drawings
  • Survey report generated using Wincan software with video provided on DVD
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How we do it

Manhole hole surveys are often required when drainage system records are poor or non-existent, for use on ‘Critical’ sewers to address specific issues or as infill data on networks lacking detail.

Our unique software and processing system reduces the time lag between site visit and data whilst maintaining high quality survey results that are delivered electronically in just a matter of days, not weeks, even on the largest of schemes.

Data can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit your needs including Stand-alone manhole cards, STC 25 Database or hyperlinked data driven from a CAD drawing.

If drainage condition is a concern then you may wish to consider a Drainage Condition survey (CCTV) as this would give you the network connectivity drawing as well as video footage and a water industry standard report showing you all the defects and an assessment of their severity.

You can use our CCTV Drainage Condition Survey as a stand-alone service or integrated with our other services as part of a full site investigation. Our quality of data and delivery is relied upon by Water Companies throughout the UK for the public sewers and we also have an excellent record of providing support for private networks.

Our teams use the latest in CCTV and radio equipment to provide accurate and high quality footage that is invaluable for assessing the condition of underground drain and sewer pipes.

CCTV and Drainage form an integral part of our overall water services offering to clients. In the case of drainage problems within a client’s water and sewerage network, we will send out a rapid response team to investigate and resolve problems such as blockages caused by intrusive tree roots or collapsed pipelines.


Why choose 40SEVEN?What sets 40SEVEN apart?

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high quality product and meeting clients delivery requirements without compromise by focusing on:-

  • Quality – Every project we deliver is subject to our rigorous Quality Control process, which is managed by qualified and accredited professionals.
  • Service – Our clients are allocated a dedicated Project Manager with proven industry experience. We pride ourselves on delivering one stop shop solutions and finding creative answers to the range of challenges projects undoubtedly throw up.
  • Value – By utilizing the very latest technology and experienced surveyors based throughout the country, 40Seven provide cost efficient solutions for all our clients surveying needs.

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