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What we doWith regulation increasing in the UK and recent prosecution under the New Road and Streetworks Act it is now even more important that you take the appropriate action to deal with services before, during and after excavation.

At 40SEVEN we offer a range of utility location and mapping services to suit your needs and your project.


  • Full utility mapping surveys of any site for utility design
  • 3D drawings to assist with clash detection and avoidance
  • Utility mark-out site surveys for pre-construction
  • Utility clearance for safe drilling of boreholes or digging of trenches
  • Drainage connectivity surveys

40Seven advantage

  • Cost savings when combined with Topographical Surveys
  • Survey information positioned accurately topographically
  • Utilising Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic techniques
  • Located using Robotic Total Stations and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
  • All surveys carried out to PAS128 specification
  • Identify all types of pipes and cables
  • Non-intrusive
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How we do it

40SEVEN’s most comprehensive service involves the 3-D mapping of all utilities on a site, including the identification, location and depth measurements of existing services.

Surveys can be presented as a detailed colour-coded, scale hard copy drawing or as a CAD file with digital photographs to aid understanding. They enable contractors to work with far greater confidence than if they used statutory records, which are often outdated, incomplete and inaccurate.

One of the increasingly popular solutions to gathering information about buried assets is Electronic Cross Sections (ECS), commonly known as trial scans.

40SEVEN typically scan and collect underground utility data from an area of two to three metres square. We have adopted the best available technology, techniques and procedures in order to generate an accurate and detailed map of utilities buried within the survey area.

Following completion of the survey you will be supplied with a photo of the survey area, a cross-section CAD drawing of services found. Additionally, we can supply you with an overhead plan if required.

Using trial scan techniques provide numerous benefits in comparison to traditional methods, for example, trial pits.

  • Little or nominal disruption to traffic or pedestrians as trial pits and traditional excavation techniques do not have to be used
  • No-dig technology
  • No additional scarring
  • No expensive re-instatement works
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High productivity
  • Low cost

Marking out of utilities should be performed prior to any excavation or drilling as a rule, rather than the exception.

Existing data on buried assets is often inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. Failure to establish the accurate position of a buried utility or other potential hazard is not only costly but has serious health and safety implications.

Our services can be applied to a wide range of projects and as well as being a comprehensive and convenient method of identifying the precise location of utilities, it is cost-effective and safer compared with traditional excavation methods.

Not all surveys requiring the location of buried services are the same. Your needs may differ from project to project and therefore we offer our experienced  Project Managers to discuss your needs, objectives of the survey and make recommendations to ensure the service that you buy is fit for purpose and meets expectations.


Why choose 40SEVEN?What sets 40SEVEN apart?

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high quality product and meeting clients delivery requirements without compromise by focusing on:-

  • Quality – Every project we deliver is subject to our rigorous Quality Control process, which is managed by qualified and accredited professionals.
  • Service – Our clients are allocated a dedicated Project Manager with proven industry experience. We pride ourselves on delivering one stop shop solutions and finding creative answers to the range of challenges projects undoubtedly throw up.
  • Value – By utilizing the very latest technology and experienced surveyors based throughout the country, 40Seven provide cost efficient solutions for all our clients surveying needs.

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