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Client requirements

We were contracted to collect GPR data for a 32km stretch of the M4 motorway, including side roads and bridges.

Over seven months, between September 2019 and March 2020 we worked with Balfour Beatty and VINCI (JV) on a project to deliver smart motorway upgrades for Highways England. These upgrades will increase vehicle capacity, reduce congestion and shorten journey times for road users, by transforming the hard shoulder into a permanent lane.


40Seven Solution

The project required us to use a vehicle mounted GPR system, however we were uniquely positioned to offer Balfour Beatty and VINCI a more innovative solution: the Mira system. This is the first commercially available GPR system of its kind, and currently the only one in operation in the U.K.

The Mira system collects 3D GPR data in real time. It has 16 antennas that work collectively to gather data at a spatial resolution of 8 x 8 cm, allowing large areas to be mapped with incredible precision.

Driven at 20mph, our high tech vehicle mounted GPR system enabled us to collect data quickly and efficiently on the M4 and the adjoining side roads and structures.

For minimum traffic disruption, most of the work was carried out at night, and we worked with traffic management companies to enforce either full closures or lane closures on the motorway stretches, as required.


The Results

High-precision, processed GPR data, that our client could trust.

Balfour Beatty and VINCI incorporated our GPR data onto their existing utility drawings to ensure their utility survey met PAS128 M4P standards.

Ed Elbrow
Business Development Manager
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40seven engage with clients to help understand scope and provide tailormade survey requirements based on PAS standards. The organisation are equipped to consider contractor safety standards and are capable of planning works around complicated site logistical and operational requirements. The survey operators deliver the works efficiently with constant in-house management and the resulting technical delivery was able to be incorporated into client drawings and understood by the project. Any additional survey requirements, 40seven were able to respond to rapidly to help keep critical path on-track.
- Balfour Beatty

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