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Client requirements

The U.K. gas network spans 90,000 kilometers and the 50-year old cast iron mains are in continuous need of replacement, due to degradation from age, corrosion, traffic loading and ground movement.

Such failures can cause fracture, leakage and in severe cases gas explosion, so it is essential for companies such as Cadent to monitor the mains network regularly and prioritise the replacement of faulty pipes.

A system was developed to prioritise mains for renewal and, in 1986; the Mains Points Replacement Scheme (MRPS) was introduced.

We survey the network and help to identify mains for replacement, so that companies such as Cadent can supply gas safely and effectively.


40Seven Solution

We have a dedicated Gas Asset department working exclusively on the Mains Points Replacement Scheme (MRPS) and supporting the U.K. gas distribution network year-round.

The department has 20 members of fully-trained staff, with a wealth of experience in the gas sector, varying from 4 – 26 years of industry experience, and we are strategically stationed around the U.K. so that we can respond to urgent site calls within 4 hours.

Our specialist team are certified in Leakage Monitoring and Plant Protection Surveys, as well as MRPS.


The Results

The above experience and strong client relationships we have built have led to 40SEVEN becoming the sole MRPS service provider to Cadent, meaning that we survey over 6,000km of metallic mains assets for them, on an annual basis.

In 2019 we expanded our initial five year contract to eight years, committing to service Cadent MRPS until 2023.

Jon Steers
Operations Manager - Gas
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40Seven provided an exceptional service and really understand how to survey to a high standard. They fully appreciate the importance of data quality from surveys in decision making and always work with us to improve their processes to ensure they meet our needs.
- Josh Bagdatlioglu, Cadent

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