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Client requirements

In order to support East Hyde Sewage Treatment Works upgrades, Thames Water required 40SEVEN to extend our previously completed Topographical and Underground Utility surveys and complete them to PAS128 standard. Thames Water also required a 3D Point Cloud data set, Measured Building Survey and hydraulic structure 3D Modelling of the area.

This would enable an accurate and detailed redesign of the sewage treatment processes, as well as plans to enhance on-site structures and buildings.

Approximate area of survey shown below:


40Seven Solution

We employed a combination of traditional surveying methods and innovative techniques for this large-scale project, involving multiple surveyors.

Often, two surveyors ‘leapfrogged’ over each other to complete the laser scan locations, registering the areas into smaller, more useable Point Clouds ready to be transformed into a 3D AutoCAD model.

The hydraulic structure 3D Modelling required traditional surveying with Total Stations as well as laser scanning to measure unseen features below effluent levels like the internal weirs, pipe diameters, invert and coping levels.

This was a large project that involved a huge amount of data collection. To produce the Point Cloud of the pictured area took 1,475 laser scan positions. We used two Faro S150 scanners leapfrogging each other to collect and amalgamate over 63 million data points!

The image below shows a sample of the Raw Point Cloud data collected:

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The results

A full Point Cloud dataset was issued as a working deliverable to assist with the redesign of existing buildings and structures.

Combining traditional surveying with innovative data-collection methods meant we were able to produce hydraulic structures in 3D AutoCAD at a far higher accuracy and speed than previously possible.

The 3D image below taken from the Revit Model shows the level of detail that can be achieved with Laser Scanning:



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